Canada Employer Visa

Our Canada Employer Visa service helps Canadian employers hire foreign workers for their business. We work closely with employers to ensure they meet all the requirements for hiring foreign workers and guide them through the application process.

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About the service

As an organization, we offer assistance in obtaining a Canada Employer Visa, which enables individuals to work in Canada and become a part of the country's workforce. The Canadian government issues different work permits for foreign workers, depending on their qualifications and work experience. Our team of experts can help clients navigate the complex application process and ensure they have the necessary documents and meet the eligibility criteria.

Our Canada Employer Visa service includes a thorough assessment of the client's eligibility and guidance on the application process, documentation requirements, and visa processing times. We also assist in obtaining a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment and Social Development Canada, which is usually required to prove that the employer has tried to hire Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Features of our Canada Employer Visa service include:

  • Comprehensive eligibility assessment
  • Assistance with LMIA application
  • Guidance on application process and documentation requirements
  • Access to a team of experts with extensive knowledge of Canadian immigration laws and regulations
  • Regular updates on the status of the visa application
  • Quick turnaround times for visa processing
  • Assistance with settling in Canada, including finding accommodation, healthcare, and other essential services

Our goal is to provide clients with a hassle-free experience and help them obtain a Canada Employer Visa promptly and efficiently. We understand the importance of having a job offer in Canada and the opportunities it can bring for individuals and their families. Therefore, we strive to provide personalized service and support throughout the process.